The wishbone is a popular charm that is often seen in pendants. It symbolizes good luck, hope and positivity for the future, optimism, love, and a new beginning. Due to its symbolism, the wishbone makes a great gift for various...
1/10 ctw Pisces Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Romantic at heart, empathetic, creative and intuitive, Pisces (February 19 - March 20) is the last sign on the zodiac. Pisceans are one of the most mystical people, floating between fantasy and reality. If this is you, then this Pisces...
1/10 ctw Capricorn Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
A cardinal earth sign, Capricorn (December 22 - January 19), is disciplined, organized, practical, dedicated, industrious, and highly persevering when it comes to achieving their goals. This Capricorn diamond zodiac pendant reminds you of your strong personality. It features the...
1/8 ctw Virgo Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
A perfectionist by nature, Virgo (August 23 - September 22) natives are practical, grounded, loyal and one of the first to offer their shoulder to cry on. If this is your sun sign, then the Virgo diamond zodiac pendant is...
1/10 ctw Sagittarius Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) is a fire sign that showcases dynamic personality traits. People belonging to this sign are fun-loving, sociable, curious, optimistic, and giving. This Sagittarius diamond zodiac pendant seems just apt to show the world your...
1/10 ctw Gemini Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Gemini (May 21 - June 20), an air sign, is clever, spontaneous, enthusiastic, curious, playful, friendly and full of energy. This Gemini diamond zodiac pendant is a great choice for anyone looking for this sun sign jewelry. It features the...
1/8 ctw Libra Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
A cardinal air sign, Libra (Sept 23 - October 22) displays a love for the creative arts, is perpetually fun-loving, balanced, seeks harmony and equilibrium. This Libra diamond zodiac pendant with its diamond embellishment offers appeal. It is adorned with...
1/10 ctw Taurus Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Pragmatic, patient, dependable and creative, Taurus (April 20 - May 20) is also known to have an innate love for luxury. The earth sign is well-described by this lovely Taurus diamond zodiac pendant, which is carried on an 18-inch CAT23...
1/10 ctw Aries Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
This attractive diamond zodiac pendant depicts the first astrological sign of the year, Aries (March 21 - April 19). A cardinal fire sign, Aries is bold, courageous, ambitious, eager, competitive and always aims to remain at the top. What better...
1/10 ctw Leo Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Fiery, vivacious, and dramatic, the fire sign Leo (July 23 - August 22), is in full command to grab the spotlight, but in an entertaining and inspiring way. They are loyal, full of positivity and always fun to be around....
1/10 ctw Aquarius Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
The last air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius (January 20 - February 18), is imaginative, original, progressive and uncompromising. If you are an Aquarian, this diamond zodiac pendant will certainly appeal to you. The pendant is embellished with 30 prong...
1/10 ctw Scorpio Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Mysterious, magnetic, resourceful, passionate and stubborn, are some of the personality traits of the water sign Scorpio (October 23 - November 21). If you are a Scorpio and looking to show off your sun sign, then this diamond zodiac pendant...
1/8 ctw Cancer Round Cut Diamond Zodiac Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold
Intuitive, sensitive, compassionate and emotional, Cancer ((June 21 - July 22) reflects some incredible personality traits. This Cancer diamond zodiac pendant is a great way to show who you are. It is simple in look, but the sparkling diamonds offer...
1/10 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold with Chain
Stylish and splendid Diamond Pendant is designed to allure your loved one and all who sees it. This modish yellow gold pendant showcases 3 sparkling round cut diamonds beautifully channel set to glowing perfection and rendered on gleaming 14 karat...
1/6 Ctw Round Cut Diamond Twisted Pendant in 10K White Gold with Chain
Her neck will sparkle with the gleam of this dazzling diamond twisted pendant. Fashioned in gleaming 10 karat white gold, this pendant features two ribbons, one lined with shimmering 40 prong set round cut diamond accents and the other with...
A lovely vertical bar pendant decorated with diamonds; this is apt as a daily wear accessory. It is simple yet attractive and can appeal easily to most buyers. The bar pendant is embellished with 17-prong hand-set round-cut diamonds that adorn...
1/4 ctw Round Cut Diamond Two Tone Ringlet Link Pendant With Chain in 14K White and Yellow Gold
A fashionable two tone diamond pendant , this offers visual appeal and beauty. It features a link of white and yellow gold ringlets falling in an ascending order, starting from the smallest and ending with the largest ring at the...
3/4 Ctw Diamond Lovebright Pendant in 14K White Gold with Chain
Add an extra wow factor to her beautiful look with this Lovebright pendant. Fashioned in 14 karat gleaming white gold, this pendant features an eye-catching prong set princess cut diamond center stone wrapped in a squared frame set with 12...
1 Ctw Twin Center Parallel Bar Round Cut Diamond 2Stone Pendant With Link Chain in 14K White Gold
A striking design draws your attention to this asymmetrical 2stone diamond pendant. It is stylish, well-embellished and instantly noticeable. Asymmetrical parallel lines make up the pendant body, with two 3/4 ct prong set round cut diamonds separating the parallel lines....
1/10 Ctw Single Cut Diamond Heart Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold with Chain
A light-hearted, enchanting display of romance. This romantic open heart diamond pendant is bejeweled with a sunburst of 16 single cut sparkling diamonds in prong setting and rendered elegantly on luminous 10 karat yellow gold. This classic pendant is suspended...
3/4 Ctw Round Shape Diamond Lovebright Pendant in 14K White Gold with Chain
This impressive diamond lovebright pendant will be cherished by her forever. Fashioned in luminous 14 karat white gold this gorgeous diamond pendant features a set of 9 invisible set round cut diamonds at the center in round shape and embellished...
1/4 Ctw Single Cut White and Champagne Brown Diamond Pendant in 14K Rose Gold with Chain
This modish diamond pendant will surely delight her. Crafted on 14 karat lustrous rose gold this clever wave-shaped pendant is lined with 69 pave set round cut champagne brown and shimmering white diamonds. This pendant dangles from a beautiful rope...
1/6 Ctw Wishbone & Horseshoe Charm Round Cut Diamond Layered Pendant With Link Chain in 10K White Gold
Two lucky charms make up the layered pendants on this fine link chain. The link chain splits into two separate short chains that each hold a charm pendant. While the top one features the wishbone, the second holds the horseshoe...
7/8 Ctw Emerald, Baguette & Round Cut Fusion Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold
A spectacular fusion of Emerald cut, baguette, and round cut diamonds mark the beauty of this elegant hexagonal shape pendant. It features a 1/2 ctw fusion cut Emerald center stone, with 2 baguette diamonds each at the top and bottom...
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